Vr 24 februari 2012

Arnon Grunberg blogt over Lublin (3)

Arnon Grunberg is momenteel voor citybooks in Lublin. Op zijn blog schrijft hij over zijn belevenissen in deze Poolse stad.


2012/02/22 Lunch

This afternoon, I had coffee at Grand Hotel Lublinianka with a theatre director who plans to stage my play “Our Pope” in Lublin.
An interpreter was present as well.
We spoke about the pope, Guantánamo Bay, CIA prisons in Poland and conservatism.
After approximately an hour the meeting was over and together with my girlfriend I walked to my favorite lunch café in Lublin, café Vanilla.


2012/02/20 Key

On Sunday, an acquaintance and I wanted to visit the Jewish cemetery in Lublin.
We went to a yeshiva to pick up the keys, but the guard at the yeshiva refused to give us the keys.
When my acquaintance asked “why?”the guard answered. “I don’t feel like giving you the keys.”
My acquaintance was upset, but I’m used to the capriciousness of guards.



arnon grunberg © Eva Pel

Arnon Grunberg blogt op www.arnongrunberg.com/blog




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