Sat 27 July 2013

VIDEO: City One Minutes Chartres en Stellenbosch

You can now discover two new – and very different – cities in 24 one-minute films. See Chartres through the camera of Maria Tarantino and discover Stellenbosch with Emma Lesuis as your guide.


© maria tarantinoIn Chartres, the Italian-Belgian cinematographer Maria Tarantino takes us with her to a concert, an artisan bakery, an auction, a restorer, and a football match. For this project, she worked together with Franck Perrot, filmmaker and teacher at a secondary school in Chartres.


kobus © emma lesuisIn her City One Minutes, Emma Lesuis gives us a taste of life in Stellenbosch. She got to know some of the city’s interesting residents and wrote an edition of Notes from the Underground about one of them, Kobus. A second City One Minutes series will soon arrive online from Stellenbosch, made by students of the city.



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