Fri 01 February 2013

Video: Arnon Grunberg in De Markten

On December 14th, Arnon Grunberg was in Brussels to present his citybook A Reported Offence. Gudrun de Geyter (VRT Klara) interviewed him at De Markten about his stay in Lublin, the people that he met there and the places that he visited.

Grunberg’s citybook is about a Dutch writer named Arnon Grunberg that abuses the hospitality of a helpful Polish lady during his stay in Lublin. Or is the unrequested intimacy actually desired? Of course, one of the questions during the interview in de Markten was an obvious one: to what extent is this hilarious text autobiographical?


You can listen to, read and download A Reported Offence in English, Dutch and French here.


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