Tue 24 May 2016

Translation project with Rebekka de Wit's citybook on Antwerp

translation project 2016

In Spring 2016, thirty-eight students of Dutch from the Universities of Sheffield and Nottingham together with the author and Jonathan Reeder, a professional literary translator, spent six weeks working together to translate Rebekka de Wit’s citybook Until the Difference is Between Galaxies into English, during the UK Collaborative Translation Project 2016.

translation project 2016An individual and a group phase culminated in a Translation Conference, where the most pressing issues were discussed. An editorial team was tasked with the final streamlining. The project was coordinated by Henriëtte Louwerse (Sheffield).

There was something fitting about De Wit’s story of a refugee, arriving in a strange city full of new images, sounds and a new language. Four years ago, the student translators themselves entered the Dutch language as strangers and they are all too familiar with the sense of feeling clipped when you want to express yourself in a ‘strange’ language.


translation project 2016This short video was taken on the day of the Translation Conference; Rebekka de Wit shares her experience.



translation project 2016

It's not the first time students of Dutch in Sheffield work together to translate a citybook. Find out more about the translation projects with Bouke Billiet (citybooks Semarang), Wim Brands (citybooks Ghent), Abdelkader Benali (citybooks Skopje).


The Dutch Translation Project 2016 was kindly supported by the Dutch Language Union, Dutch-Flemish House of Culture deBuren, the University of Sheffield, the University of Nottingham, Flanders House and the Netherlands Embassy in London.



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