Tue 29 May 2012

Three new cities: Cees Nooteboom writes a citybook about Venice Also: Water van den Broeck and Peter Terrin write about Turnhout and Johan de Boose on Yerevan

citybooks, the international literary project of deBuren, will take to three new cities this year: Turnhout (Belgium), Venice (Italy) and Yerevan (Armenia). The participating authors are Cees Nooteboom, Serge van Duijnhoven, Atte Jongstra, Peter Terrin, Lasha Bughadze, Marjolijn Februari, Chika Unigwe, Rebekka De Wit en Walter van den Broeck, Johan de Boose, Luc Devoldere and Lydia Mischkulnig.


After Charleroi and Ostend, Turnhout is the third Belgian city in which citybooks is to set up shop. The Georgian writer Lasha Bughadze previously took part in citybooks Tbilisi, where he wrote A Song for Tbilisi. Now he’ll journey to the Low Countries, via the network set up between participating cities, to write a second citybook. The young photographer Kakha Kahiani is also from Tbilisi, and will now, on his trip to Turnhout, reflect on the city in a series of 24 photos. As well as these guests from afar, two authors from Turnhout will also take part: Walter van den Broeck and Chika Unigwe will each describe ‘their’ city with a short story. Furthermore, we’re very happy to welcome two more potent penmasters: the Dutch author Marjolijn Februari and the Flemish writer Peter Terrin. This edition of citybooks sees collaboration with Turnhout 2012, and is our way of putting Turnhout on the map, internationally and multilingually.


Cees NooteboomVenice is the first Italian city to take part in the citybooks project. While preparations are still in full swing, we can already tell you that Cees Nooteboom (photo) will write a citybook about ‘the city of water’. Atte Jongstra and Rebekka de Wit will also capture Venice in words. Alongside them, the italophile Luc Devoldere and the young talent Lydia Mischkulnig from Vienna, are also part of the team. Andrea Galiazzo will take care of the citybooks photos. In Venice, we’ll be working with our local partner organisation de Fondazione Giorgio Cini. The resulting stories will appear not only as webtexts, e-books and audio book in Dutch, English and French, but also in Italian, as a special ‘courtesy translation’. The Venetian City One Minutes are already in the bag.


After Tibilis, Yerevan is the second Asian city to feature on the citybooks map. Serge van Duijnhoven has already departed for the World Book Capital in Armenie. Read more about this on his website (in Dutch) Slavist Johan de Boose (Bloedgetuigen) (Martyrs) will visit Yerevan too. More information about citybooks Yerevan to follow!


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