Wed 21 September 2016

Summer Translation Project: From Pink to Grey

Manjari Mishra en Helena Muñoz © auteur
Helena Muñoz en Manjari Mishra during their internship at deBuren.

Summer Internship

Manjari Mishra © auteur

As a part of the summer course for international students of Dutch that the Taalunie organises annually, deBuren put together a two-day summer internship based around citybooks. The students Majari Mishra from India and Helema Muñoz from Spain got to know the workings of deBuren and the project, translated a literary fragment to their mother tongue (Catalan and Hindi!) and set up a mini-promotional campaign

As her fragment, Manjari chose a portion of the Dutch version of Heart of Darkness by Chika Unigwe. You can read the translation here along with her personal introduction.


From Pink to Grey


Heart of Darkness is a citybook by Chika Unigwe. The story deals with Conrad, a Nigerian immigrant living in Turnhout (Belgium). The narrator of the story is his friend Ejike.

I could empathise well with this story, because I spent two years living as an Indian in Austria. The homesickness was very painful, even one-year in. I sympathise with Conrad, because I understand that in the beginning you see everything around you through rose-tinted spectacles, but that these colours slowly disappear and after that everything is grey: the buildings, the weather and the society.

We always have romantic ideas about new places and about changes in our lives, but sometimes we forget that this also brings with it many responsibilities. For me this story offers a new perspective from which to see the city. I also find the writing style beautiful, particularly because of the postcards that make the story feel more personal.

I have translated the fragment below into Hindi.

Manjari Mishra









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