Mon 04 February 2013

Students in Sheffield translate Rebekka de Wit and Bouke Billiet

bouke billietStudents at the University of Sheffield will get their teeth into the citybooks by Rebekka de Wit (Venice) and Bouke Billiet (Semarang). Under the guidance of a number of lecturers and the translator Jonathan Reeder they will translate these texts into English. The original Dutch texts will be available online very soon to read and listen to.

It’s not the first time that citybooks takes up such a collaboration. In 2011 British students translated the citybook by Abdelkader Benali about Skopje. Students from University College Ghent and the University of Mons worked on the Dutch translation of the citybook Patrimoine immatériel: Un séjour au Pays noir by Caroline Lamarche and the French translation of the Dutch-language Radio Book Erfenis (Inheritance) by Joseph Pearce.




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