Tue 18 February 2014

Spotlight on Georgia during The Caucasus: From Sea to Sea

With its complex historical relationship with Russia and its recent reorientation towards the West, Georgia is a nation state currently reflecting deeply on its position within the Caucasus and the rest of the world. As part of The Caucasus: From Sea to Sea , deBuren is organising a number of activities in which the fascinating Georgia takes centre stage. Through citybooks, you’ve already discovered the capital city of Tbilisi in words and images.

Now, on the 20th of February, citybooks authors Lasha Bugadze, Frank Westerman and artist Filip Berte will appear as guests at deBuren. They will strike up conversation with authors Data Turashvili, Julie Reniers, and translator Ingrid Degraeve on the topic of Georgia in the arts.

On the 21st of February, a new exhibition opens featuring the work of Filip Berte and Kakha Kakhiani. The vernissage is followed by a a roundtable discussion in Bozar with Lasha Bugaze and Data Tavadze.

For more info on From Georgia. With Love? on :  www.deburen.eu


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