Thu 04 October 2012

Silence for recording! Audiobooks in progress

After the veritable wave of new texts and translations that came online last summer, it is now a little quieter on the citybooks website. That said, Kakha Kakhiani’s photos from Turnhout have been recently uploaded for all to admire! Apart from that, we are waiting on tenterhooks for new texts, new translations and new podcasts, of which the recordings are now well underway.

We have all the work we can handle with recordings in Antwerp, Brussels, Utrecht and the various partner cities. So expect, before long, Albanian, Macedonian, Polish, French and English audiobooks. Fortunately, we can turn to the fine library of audiobooks until then. Do you already know the citybook A Song for Tbilisi by Lasha Bughadze about Tbilisi? The author is currently staying in Turnhout to write a second citybook.

rebecca lenaertsOr you can listen to how Rebecca Lenaerts composed a soundscape from sounds she recorded in Sheffield for her citybook aan huis geketend / my humble home / fourgon fermé.


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