Wed 11 January 2012

Rebecca Lenaerts presents ‘Trekvogels/oiseaux voyageurs’ live in Hasselt

trekvogels 1Belgian born theatermaker Rebecca Lenaerts travelled to Sheffield in 2011 for citybooks. Already, in her citybook my humble home / aan huis geketend / fourgon fermé her fascination with sounds and audio-stories became apparent as she created a soundscape for her citybook with sounds recorded in Sheffield.

In February her exhibition Trekvogels / Oiseaux voyageurs ('migrant birds') will open in the cultural center België in Hasselt, presenting an audiovisual installation she made at request of the Museum of Photography in Charleroi. During the opening on February the 11th (2012) the soundtrack of the installation will be performed live for the first time by musician Jürgen De Blonde (Köhn, BE), Rebecca Lenaerts herself, and actor Laurent Bonnet.

For Trekvogels/Oiseaux voyageurs, Lenaerts worked with a collection of slides that were donated to the Museum of Photography in Charleroi many years ago. The photos are the documentation of twelve journeys of a couple travelling through Western Europe, somewhere between the fifties and the seventies. On these very typical holiday pictures (landscapes, monuments, touristic highlights, …) we see the same woman posing for the camera every time. She smiles. She is on vacation. But now she is dead. Through these images Lenaerts tells a story of being on the road, about the search for the ultimate location, and the way people tend to claim the world through photography.

trekvogels 2Trekvogels / Oiseaux voyageurs creates a dialogue between sound and image, between what we hear and what we think we're seeing, between observations and interpretations, between dream and reality. The installation has previously been exhibited in the Museum of Photography (2011), partner of citybooks Charleroi.

The music and sounds accompanying the installation are created by audio artist Jürgen De Blonde. During the opening on February the 11th he will, for the first time, bring a live performance of the soundtrack. The texts will be performed by actors Rebecca Lenaerts and Laurent Bonnet.

Opening: saturday February 11, 2012-01-11
Start: 21:30 Live premiére of Trekvogels/Oiseaux voyageurs. Before this, starting at 20:00 ‘Geen Helden’ by Sofie Palmers and Benny Ceuppens.
Tickets (for both performances) 8 euro /10 euro / 9 euro / 11 euro

Trekvogels/Oiseaux voyageurs will be exhibited from 17-25 February as audio visual installation. The exhibition is open (free entrance) on fridays and saturdays, from 19:00.

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trekvogels 3

Idea, artistic performance and text: Rebecca Lenaerts
Sound, music and mixing: Köhn (Jürgen De Blonde)
Actors: Rebecca Lenaerts and Laurent Bonnet
Cassette samples: IICADOM (The International Institute for The Conservation, Archiving and Distribution of Other people’s Memories)
Photo’s: Le Musée de la photographie à Charleroi
Coproduction: FotoMuseum Provincie Antwerpen, Le Musée de la photographie à Charleroi, FLACC (workplace for visual artists), MUS-E Belgium.


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