Tue 24 January 2012

Poetry Day: Poetry Everywhere

Thursday the 26th of January is 'Poetry Day' here in the Netherlands and Flanders. The theme of this thirteenth edition is 'Stroom' (which can be translated as 'electricity'). Amongst the many activities quite a few will be attended by authors who have written citybook or Radiobook (that can be downloaded as free audiobooks through our websites). A complete overview of the activities can be found at www.gedichtendag.com. deBuren has selected a few events we think you might be interested in.

gedichtendag 2012

House of Poetry Utrecht

deBuren will be present again this year in the House of Poetry in Utrecht, where we will have an entire citybooks room at our disposition. Dutch poets Erik Lindner and Ester Naomi Perquin will read aloud their citybooks about Charleroi and Bucharest for the first time. Lindner's citybook Charleroi. 10 poems is already available on this website in its English and French translations.

As part of some of the other activities in the House of Poetry, quite a few authors that contributed to the Radio Books project will be in attendance: Kees ’t Hart (The Pigeon), Ruth Lasters (The connector - a modern fairy tale), Jan Lauwereyns (Song of the Lake), Anne Vegter (Odin is asleep), and Joke van Leeuwen (The fork as human). You can listen to all of their Radio Books online, free of charge.


City Poets

Peter Holvoet-Hanssen is saying goodbye to Antwerp, where he was the city's poet for the last two years. He published the book Antwerpen/Oostende containing some of his best city- and sea poems, drawings, and photo's. His citybook about Oostende is also included in this publication. More information about the festivities can be found through www.antwerpenboekenstad.be and www.ccdeurne.be.

The new city poet in Antwerp will be Bernard Dewulf. For deBuren he wrote the Radio Book The Back, and the citybook Snippets from Ostend.


In Genk a new city poet has also been inaugurated. Mauro Pawlowski will take over the reigns from Maarten Inghels. On the 25th of January a Night of Poetry will be organized in the local library, filled with poetry, music, and performances. This spring Mauro will go to Lublin to write a citybook about the Polish city.


Peter Verhelst (who wrote the Radio Book Legion) will present his 'Book of Dreams' to the press and the general public, concluding his period as city poet 2009-2011.


More Radio Books on www.radiobooks.eu

gedichtendag 2012

More information about poetry day via www.gedichtendag.com




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