Mon 26 May 2014

Photos from Hasselt & Genk, podcasts from Stellenbosch, and a ghost story from Jakarta

Once again, there’s plenty of news to discover at The young Antwerp photographer Athos Burez has captured Hasselt and Genk in a series of 24 fairytale photos. The citybooks from Stellenbosch, including those by Marlene van Niekerk and Arjen Duinker, are now also available online to listen to in English and Afrikaans. And Veronica B. Vonny has written a ghost story with a hint of the past about Jakarta.

© Athos Burez
© Athos Burez

citybooks is in full swing in different parts of the world. Close to home, the project is motoring along in Gent. Spanish author Angeles Caso is currently in residence in the city at our partner-organisation STAM. And – just to whet your appetite – this year, photographer Sanne De Wilde will make a city portrait of Gent in 24 photos.
In the meantime, take a look at the atmospheric, fairytale photographs by Athos Burez from Hasselt and Genk. Read an interview here with the photographer in the newspaper  Het Laatste Nieuws.

© Athos Burez
© Athos Burez

This remarkable edition of citybooks, in which not one but two cities form the source of inspiration for the city portraits, takes place as the Unie Hasselt-Genk gets underway: its official launch was last week. citybooks also features in its exciting programme of events: the photos by Athos Burez will be on exhibition in Hasselt. Moreover, you will be able to listen to the citybooks as sound stories on the ferry between Genk and Hasselt.

Fancy a taster? In Dutch, Atte Jongstra reads you his citybook Bokrijk: Breathing Space. Once more, we encounter Dr. Gustav Joseph, Jongstra’s unforgettable guide from his Venetian citybook Death Comes up From Below. The French translation of Bokrijk: Breathing Space was realised by students at Mons University.

Polish author Małgorzata Rejmer wrote a series of blog posts during her residency in Hasselt-Genk. Read Part 1 – Have you seen a deer? – here. We’re already looking forward to her citybook, and we can’t wait to see how Spanish author Use Lahoz, Slovenian poet Aleš Šteger and writer Christophe Van Gerrewey were inspired by the two cities.

Keen for more audiobooks? Head to Stellenbosch! The citybooks by Marlene van Niekerk (photo), Rentia Bartlett-Möhl, Arjen Duinker and Saskia de Coster are available in a number of languages to read and to listen to. Van Niekerk tells us about food culture in Stellenbosch, where sausages with the unlikeliest names lie on supermarket shelves ready for the braai. Arjen Duinker wrote the beautiful and deceptively simple series of poems Parrots and Other Birds.

Before long, the audiobooks from Jakarta will also be online in Dutch, English, French and Indonesian. In the meantime, the citybook Angels in Jakarta by Annelies Verbeke is already online to read, just like The Final Ending, the ghost story with a hint of the past, by Indonesian author Veronica B. Vonny. Writers Ruth San A Song, Akidah Gauzillah and Sihar Ramses Simatupang are all still hard at work putting the finishing touches on their citybooks about the Indonesian capital.


Dulce Maria Cardoso © Bruno SimaoAnd last but not least, news from Lisbon. The first city portrait from the port city is now online in Portuguese, French and English. The leading role in the citybook They’re All Love Stories by Dulce Maria Cardoso (photo) is reserved for Jinja, a street dog with floppy ears. Also online soon: the city portraits of Lisbon by Sus van Elzen, José Maria Vieira Mendes and Patricia Portela. After the summer, the citybook by the British writer Tim Etchells will follow.


photo Dulce Maria Cardoso © Bruno Simao


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