Tue 06 November 2012

Photographer Sander Buyck exhibits in Ghent

© sander buyck

From the 9th until the 18th of November, photographer Sander Buyck will be exhibiting in the Geuzenhuis in Ghent. For citybooks, Buyck photographed the Wallonian industrial city Charleroi. In Ghent he’ll show new work: an atmospheric series with a mysterious edge.

The opening is on the 9th of November at 20:00, in the company of the artist and an introductory address by Laurens Dhaenens.

In the Geuzenhuis, Buyck will exhibit a selection of images made between 2008 and 2012 in, amongst others, Paris, Lisbon, Havana and Myanmar. He will also show a series of photos from Wallonia, a region he studied closely during his citybook residency in Charleroi. The great variety of photos is the result of Buyck’s personal reflection on his work to the present day.

Sander Buyck explores the medium of photography by, on the one hand, examining different visual traditions – from romantic photography to documentary strategies – while on the other hand approaching photography via other media, like film and posters. At the same time, his work also forms a visual study of the origins, transformations and disappearances of image cultures. With attention to non-Western image cultures, Buyck endeavours to analyse the relationship between the image and its context.



Opening times: 9th until 18th of November inclusive
Geuzenhuis, Kantienberg 9, 9000 Gent
More info at www.sanderbuyck.com/line-up/geuzenhuis


photos © Sander Buyck


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