Tue 20 December 2011

On to 2012 with new citybooks

The citybooks project has expanded tremendously in 2011, and in 2012 this will continue onwards with even more free downloads of audiobooks, webtexts, e-books,  and photo series by European writers and photographers inspired by surprising cities. We'd like to wrap up this year nicely by presenting you stories by Simone Lenaerts and Jeroen van Rooij, photo’s from Lublin by Maciej Rukasz, and audiobooks, read by the authors themselves, for example by Milena M. Flašar in German and by Helen Mort in English.
jeroen van rooij © maarten kools

Just before the Christmas holidays we have received some brand new citybooks and uploaded them onto the website. Dutch author Jeroen van Rooij wrote Labyrinten in Chartres, a story about observing and being observed, about wandering and getting lost.

simone lenaerts © jan van rietThe citybook by Simone Lenaerts is also finished. She wrote Een schijn van tijd in the Austrian city of Graz, where she cannot escape ghosts from the past.

Also from Graz are the original audiobooks by Austrian authors Milena M. Flašar, Werner Schandor, and Andrea Stift. From Sheffield we have received the original English version of the poem by Helen Mort, The God of Gaps, read by the author herself.
Did you know that now, besides downloading citybooks for free through our website, you can also get them (for free) through iTunes? This way you can, for example, listen to Stefan Hertmans' citybook about Tbilisi in Dutch, French, English, and Georgian. You can even subscribe to have new podcasts in your favorite language downloaded automatically onto your computer or mobile device!

© Maciej RukaszThe athmospheric photographs by Maciej Rukasz give us an unconventional view on the Polish city of Lublin. The young photographer walked around the suburbs of the city he grew up in and photographed locations he knew years before and had since hardly changed at all.

At the beginning of 2012 new writer residencies get started in Lublin, with Dutch author Arnon Grunberg, Belgian artists Mauro Pawlowski, and Maud Vanhauwaert, and the Polish authors Andrzej Stasiuk and Witold Szablowski.

More exciting prospects: Abdelkader Benali on Sheffield and Skopje, Davide Longo on Charleroi, Ester Naomi Perquin and Adrian Schiop on Bucharest, Marcin Wroński on Chartres, Onno Kosters about Graz, pictures from Skopje and Chartres, and more podcasts and translations of citybooks that you can already discover as webtexts, ànd a new Belgian city participating in the project.

Discover all this and more via www.city-books.eu and stay up to date via citybooks on facebook, twitter and iTunes.




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