Mon 05 December 2011

Notes from the underground (8)

PETRA event © Marianne Hommersom

On friday the 2nd of December the participants of the PETRA conference in Flagey, Brussels, had the opportunity to be introduced to the audio stories of deBuren. The literary translators attending this public event expressed great interest in the information we provided on our citybooks and Radio Books. People responded enthusiastically to our ambitious and unique literary project, and visitors were especially impressed by the fact that our citybooks are always available in at least three languages as free podcasts and e-books via We make sure that each citybook is translated into Dutch, French and English, and in case the participating city has a different local language we also provide a translation into that language. So far you can enjoy these additional translations in Afrikaans (Grahamstown) and Georgian (Tbilisi). We will shortly add Albanian and Macedonian to this list for Skopje, German for Graz, Polish for Lublin (coming online soon), and Romanian for Bucharest!

(Miet Vanhassel, website and communication deBuren)

photo's © Marianne Hommersom


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