Wed 23 November 2011

Notes from the underground (7)

November is cold and foggy in Bucharest, but in no way did this harm the great atmosphere that night - the Romanian wine, the palinca, and the many traditional dishes served were a guarantee for that. On the evening of Tuesday the 21st of November, the complete Bucharest citybooks company was gathered together: three authors from the Low Countries (Anna Luyten, Ester Noami Perquin and myself), two local literary heroes (Răzvan Radulescu en Adrian Schiop), and a young phographer (Christian Binder), were all invited to dinner by deBuren's local partner Peter Oostveen and his wife Silvia. There was no shortage of topics to talk about: the differences between Bucharest and Brussels and why those might be smaller than one would think, world politics, ping pong. The future will offer us many more opportunities to work together - from literary evenings to Roma music. You'll be able to find the outcome of all this online soon.

(Jaap Faber, citybooks coordinator Boekarest en lector Nederlandse taal en literatuur aan de Universiteit van Boekarest)



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