Tue 08 November 2011

Notes from the underground (5)

students SheffieldOne of the citybook activities in Sheffield involves a special university module constructed around the citybooks concept. A group of twelve motivated 2nd year students within the School of Modern Languages at the University of Sheffield explore the impact and significance of stories and story telling on who we are and who we would like to be. The course includes a creative writing element, which is offered by one of Sheffield’s citybook authors, Agnes Lehóczky. Under her guidance the participants explore their feelings about cities in general and about the city of Sheffield in particular.

Agnes Lehoczky and studentThe end product will be our own collaborative citybook, which we will translate and record like the real thing. During our first session we identified twelve streets, parks, buildings or forgotten corners of the Sheffield. Each student will try and capture their chosen site using their own observation, imagination, creativity and historical research.

Here is a short sample (mp3file) of one of the students Christina Barningham describing the lure and mystery of the big city, in this case London. And here are some photo's of the workshop.

(Henriette Louwerse, teacher at the University of Sheffield, and citybooks coordinator in Sheffield)




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