Wed 26 October 2011

Notes from the underground (4)


Last week our director Dorian Van der Brempt and I joined a group of other European cultural coordinators at the “Kick-off Meeting” organized by the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency. In 2010 citybooks was awarded with a 200,000 euro grant from the European Commission and I am working hard to make sure that the Commission stays up to date and satisfied with the progress deBuren and our partners make with citybooks. There are of course lots of rules to be followed, but it’s very exciting to learn all about how the Commission functions and what other funding possibilities they might have in store for our project! As of 2013 a new Culture Programme will be installed, and the budget might actually increase with 37%! The European Parliament still has to vote on the final proposal, but it looks like they will get the green light. Good news isn’t it?


(Sarah Faict, European Coordinator citybooks)



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