Thu 20 October 2011

Notes from the Underground (3)

Français. Nederlands. English. Every text on the citybooks website is available in three languages. These texts obviously do not spontaneously appear in those languages, they have to be translated, and I’m the one to make sure this happens. At the beginning of this week, for example, a number of French website translations came in.

Translator Michel Perquy translated the information on Graz, Skopje, Charleroi, Chartres and the biographies of the participating artists into French. Perquy has already translated several citybooks, amongst them for example those by Peter Holvoet-Hanssen, Ágnes Lehóczky and Toast Coetzer. He is currently translating a brand new citybook about Charleroi. This week I am collaborating with the translator who will translate the information on the website to English.

(Carine Middeldorp, production citybooks)



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