Tue 27 September 2011

Notes from the Underground (2)

I spent these last few days in the wondrous world of CMS and HTML. The code looks rather abstract while you're working on them but rest assured that they eventually do have a very nice result; www.city-books.eu is expanding rapidly. So please enjoy this short guided tour to discover all the novelties online. We'll start in Graz, where the citybooks written by the Austrian authors are available in its German and Dutch translations. Moving west even more Sheffield citybooks can now be enjoyed as webtext and e-book, whereas in the east we'll find plenty new e-books in French and Dutch from Tbilisi. And to finish up our tour we'll meet the authors who at this very moment are working on their citybooks of Skopje.

(Marianne Hommersom, citybooks communications officer)

Photos: © Anna Denise van der Reijden


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