Thu 04 October 2012

Notes from the Underground #15

citybooks can count on the enthusiastic support of the European Commission. Once per year, the current and future partner cities meet together in Amsterdam or Brussels. A great chance to look back to the events in cities that have already received visiting authors and an opportunity for new cities to introduce themselves and present to all of the international partners. Colleague Sarah Faict tells us how it was.

Old and new partner cities meet each other during the partner meeting in Brussels

On the 13th and 14th of September 2012, the citybooks partner meeting took place in Brussels. This time around, a whole range of European partners were involved: both organizations familiar with the project, and institutes for whom everything is still brand-new. The result? A colourful gathering of enthusiastic citybooks coordinators from Western, Southern and Eastern Europe. With the existing partners we looked back at the projects we have realised in the past few years and cast a glance at the future of citybooks. The new partners each introduced their city and organisation, and had the opportunity to ask specific questions about their local projects. And, together with these new partners, we’re currently preparing a new funding application for the European Commission. With that, we hope to renew our project’s financial energy, thereby ensuring that all of the fantastic plans and vivid dreams for Lisbon, Zadar, Belfast, Maastricht and Ghent are soon made real!


(Sarah Faict, European coordinator citybooks)


Henriette Louwerse c Marianne Hommersom

Presentations by existing partner cities gave the new coordinators a good idea of the multitude of possibilities of local citybook projects. Practical tips ranging from how best to organise the residency to the search for regional sponsorship and media opportunities alternated with examples of local events, publications, projects and exhibitions. (photo: Henriëtte Louwerse about citybooks Sheffield)

onno kosters partnermeetin 2012Poet Onno Kosters gave a reading of fragments from his citybooks about Utrecht and Graz, and vividly recounted his experiences as a participant in the project. He also gave the new partners a number of tips on how best to welcome the authors to their cities.

BPartnermeeting c Marianne Hommersomefore and after the presentations, there was ample opportunity for the ‘old’ partners and the deBuren colleagues to catch up with each other. And of course, everyone was very curious to meet the new coordinators.





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