Wed 18 January 2012

Notes from the Underground (11)

Here, far far away in the South East of Europe, in a very cold and foggy Skopje , we are working enthusiastically on the translations of the citybooks for Skopje by Saskia de Coster, Abdelkader Benali, Nikola Madzirov, Irena Cvetkovic and Goce Smilevski, impatient to share these stories for our city with the rest of the citybooks community and the fans.

We are happy to see that our facebook fans are following us constantly and are looking forward to the publishing of the e-books and the audio books, not only for Skopje, but also for the other cities. So far we’ve published citybooks from our three Macedonian authors in Macedonian, and Nikola Madzirov’s in English translation, but soon you will be able to read and listen all five stories for Skopje in Macedonian, Albanian, Dutch, French and English and see the photographs and watch the videos to get a full 'Skopje feeling'.

In the summer of 2011, we had a wonderful time with Saskia de Coster and Abdelkader Benali, when they visited us for two weeks to get to know Skopje and to get to live in it for a while, the way we do. During their stay, they not only wandered Skopje’s little streets, they also tasted our delicious food, enjoyed our world famous hospitality, and discussed Balkan history as well as the differences and similarities between all of the different cultures in our city and the western culture. They also got to know our friends and made new connections along with us, thanks to their open-minded attitude and great personalities.  We had a wonderful time together and it made for a lovely citybooks event.

The specific event I'm referring to took place in one of Skopje’s most interesting bars: Menada. Along with Macedonian writers Nikola Madzirov and Irena Cvetkovic, Saskia de Coster and Abdelkader Benali were presented to the Skopje audience. The writers shared their impressions and thoughts about our city and their ideas for the citybooks, reading stories, poems, and essays about the urban environment in general and the city of Skopje in particular.

We present you a short video of the said event.

(Frosina Stojkovska and Olgica Stankovska, citybooks coordinators in Skopje)



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