Thu 06 September 2012

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Discover the new and freshly translated city portraits from Yerevan, Turnhout, Lublin and Bucharest.

New citybooks

serge van duijnhoven © renske van mierloIn Cemetery of the Alphabet, Serge van Duijnhoven describes his visit to the Armenian capital Yerevan. While the city may be ‘a district in dissolution’, he nevertheless finds it ‘one of the most beautiful, charming and glorious cities’ he has ever been. (Online in Dutch and Armenian)


Marjolijn Februari ©  auteurMarjolijn Februari’s citybook about Turnhout will be online from mid-September, following its prepublication in De Morgen. In Underground Party Room, Februari’s protagonist ponders why Turnhout seems to wrestle with an inferiority complex. ‘Has the birth control pill not been discovered in Turnhout? Are its women not emancipated? Is the playing card not printed there? Well then.’ (Online in Dutch, English and French by mid-September)


New translations:

maud vanhauwaert  © marianne hommersomMaud Vanhauwaert visited an exhibition in Lublin that inspired a story about the wife of an artist in Lublin's Stations of the Cross. The English and Polish (Kalwaria Lubelska) translation are now online!


mauro pawlowski Dragged along by a band of locals, Mauro Pawlowski remembers his first visit to Poland as a child. Na Zdrowie, good Belgian! will be published in Magazyn Lubelski on the 8th of September in it's Polish translation. The Dutch and French version are online, the English translation is coming soon!


razvan radulescu In Me, In The Centre Răzvan Radulescu wanders through Bucharest. Join him in four languages: Romanian, English, French and Dutch!







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