Thu 06 September 2012

New online: podcasts

In August, a whole host of translated citybooks podcasts came online. Open your ears to a series of half-hour listening treats!


milena michiko flasar © ingo pertramerFrom Graz, the English translations arrived of Milena Michiko Flašars’ (photo) Farewell, Simone Lenaertscitybook A Scrap of Time and Andrea StiftsI Do Not Live Here. The stories were already available to listen to in their Dutch and German versions.

Saskia de Coster © Johan JacobsMoreover, you can now listen to A Hundred and Forty Kilos of Love, Saskia de Costers (photo left) dizzying citybook about Skopje, just like caroline lamarche ©  estelle michielsCaroline Lamarche’s (photo right) story about Charleroi: Intangible Heritage. A Stay in the Black Country.



Ester Naomi Perquin © maatje van eckIn other news, the first citybooks podcasts in Romanian are now online: București – sfaturi pentru călătorii de o persoană (Bucharest – A One-Person Travel Pack) by Ester Naomi Perquin and Jaap Faber’s Nu vă uitați pompa de bicicletă (Be Sure To Take Your Own Bicycle Pump). Thjaap faber © ester naomi perquine original Dutch versions of these citybooks, read by the authors, were already available to listen to and download.

Did you know that you can download the citybooks for free via the  iTunes store?


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