Thu 04 October 2012

New online in September

New online...

After the veritable wave of new texts and translations that came online last summer, it is now a little quieter on the citybooks website. That said, Kakha Kakhiani’s photos from Turnhout have been recently uploaded for all to admire, and several translation have been added too. Apart from that, we are waiting on tenterhooks for new texts, new translations and new podcasts, of which the recordings are now well underway. Coming soon: Luc Devoldere and Cees Nooteboom on Venice, Peter Terrin and Lasha Bugadze on Turnhout and hordes of translations into English, French and Italian.

... to look at:

© Kakha KakhianiKakha Kakhiani photographed Turnhout in black and white. His powerful series presents both the city’s residents and the fascinating details he encountered in its streets. From carnival to church, from scouts to Belcanto-fans, from fairytale forest to angular roofs, Kakhiani saw it all and now you can see it too. View the photos …


... translations:

maxim februari © merlin daleman In Underground Party Room, Maxim Februari’s citybook about Turnhout, the protagonist ponders why Turnhout seems to wrestle with an inferiority complex. ‘Has the birth control pill not been discovered in Turnhout? Are its women not emancipated? Is the playing card not printed there? Well then.’ (Online in Dutch, English and French).


walter van den broeck © koen broosWalter van den Broeck is no stranger to globetrotting, nor as a Migrant in Turnhout, even if it is only pure coincidence that he’s been living there since 1967. Follow his remarkable journey from editorship at Turnhout Ekspres to a valiant attempt leave an indelible mark on the city… The English translation is now available!


maud vanhauwaert  © marianne hommersomMaud Vanhauwaert visited an exhibition in Lublin that inspired a story about the wife of an artist in Lublin's Stations of the Cross. After the English and Polish translations we've also uploaded the French translation. Her citybook will be published in LAJF Magazyn Lubelski this October. Read more...

mauro pawlowski Dragged along by a band of locals, Mauro Pawlowski remembers his first visit to Poland as a child. Na Zdrowie, good Belgian! is now also online in the English translation!





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