Wed 07 November 2012

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peter terrinIn October, the brand-new citybook De ware toedracht by Peter Terrin about Turnhout was made available online. The English and French translations will follow shortly. For deBuren he has also written a Radio Book: For the Sake of the Peace.


adrian schiopThe Dutch translation of Adrian Schiop's citybook on  Bucarest is now online. Travesty was published in the magazine DW B this October. The original Romanian text and the translations into English and French were already online. The podcast recordings are well underway! "I’m not a clubber, I’m a manelist,” I bleated timidly. “Yeah, a manelist,” he laughed and changed the subject."


Nikola Madzirov Nikola Madzirov's citybook has also appeared in  DW B, and is now online in five languages: English, Dutch, French, Macedonian and Albanian. He wrote Homes without Frames Skopje. "When it stops raining, old men will appear on the streets, mushrooms on the nearest hills, snails on the park greenery; there will be flashes of lightning in the secret lovers’ eyes."


serge van duijnhoven © renske van mierloThe French and English translation of Serge van Duinhoven’s citybook about Yerevan are now online too, the original Dutch version and the Armenian translation were already available. waren al te ontdekken. "The 39-letter Armenian alphabet he produced is just as eccentric and intractable as the churches and landscape the language attempts to visualise. The spoken language, however, is disarmingly gentle, as though over time the human tongue has worn down the harsh edges as it laps the palate"


... and to listen to

Mauro Pawlowski, Walter van den Broeck, Thomas Gunzig and Serge van Duijnhoven all made audio recordings of their own citybooks in October. Furthermore, the French translations of the citybooks by Arnon Grunberg and Maud Vanhauwaert are available online to listen to and download!

'Mauro Pawlowski © jan vandevyverLublin”, you say?! If you can make it there you’ll make it anywhere! " (From: Na zdrowie, good Belgian! by Mauro Pawlowski)


Thomas Gunzig

"En toute honnêteté, j’avais prévu de ne pas sortir durant les cinq jours que j’aurais à passer à Charleroi." (uit: La réserve van Thomas Gunzig).




Lost track of the podcasts?

In the iTunes store you can see a nice overview of all the citybooks podcasts available per language. YOne can subscribe for free to each of the podcast-channels, so you are automatically notified about new uploads of citybooks! This way you won’t miss out on any of the stories.

Find citybooks with your iTunes programm, or have a look via these links:

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