Thu 06 December 2012

New online in November

New online…

In November the first texts from Venice have arrived! The original Dutch-language citybooks by Luc Devoldere and Atte Jongstra are online as web texts and e-books. Furthermore, there are new podcasts online in French and English from, amongst others, Maxim Februari, Caroline Lamarche, Goce Smilevski and Pascal Verbeken. Photographer Andrea Galiazzo made a city portrait of Venice in 24 photos: still lives of found objects.


… to read

atte jongstraAtte Jongstra takes a tour of Venice in the hands of the spirited dwarf Dr. Gustav Joseph, the author-at-work of a reference book on holiday destinations for travellers suffering from respiratory problems. But is he in the right place? Because Death Comes Up From Below (online in Dutch).


luc devoldere © auteurIn his citybook about Venice, Luc Devoldere takes us on a journey from 537 to 2012, to the city and the lagoon, to Byran and Occupy Beach. In short, to the Pearl Without a Shell. “There is no time to lose. Not for us, nor for this city. Eventually we all, and Venice too, will lose the fight. But not just yet. So let us continue to journey to this city.” (online in Dutch).



lasha bugadzeThe citybook სამნი ქალაქში by Lasha Bugadze about Turnhout is online in the original Georgian. In anticipation of the translation, you can read and listen to his previous citybook about Tbilisi, A Song For Tbilisi. Or watch a short video here, in which the author introduces himself. (online in Georgian).


…to listen to

maxim februari © merlin dalemanSince November, the citybook Underground Party Room by Maxim Februari has been available online to listen to in both Dutch and English.


caroline lamarche ©  estelle michielsCaroline Lamarche and Pascal Verbeken both wrote a citybook about Charleroi. Their stories, Intangible Heritage. A Stay in the Black Countrypascal verbeken © koen broos and Eurowash 2000, a packet boat in the city are now online and available to listen to in Dutch, English and French.


Goce SmilevskiGoce Smilevski wrote a citybook about his hometown Skopje, and one about Chartres, a city he has always dreamt of, as he recalls in The Cathedral and the Circus, now available as podcast in Dutch and English.


… and to look at

© andrea galiazzoPhotographer Andrea Galiazzo made 24 photos of Venice for citybooks. An extraordinary ‘acqua alta’ during his stay submerged parts of the city. After the waters had receded, Galiazzo collected objects that, previously claimed by the water, had now reappeared on land. He divided these objects into different groups, composing carefull© andrea galiazzoy balanced still-lives. The result is a remarkably original city portrait that evokes the personal tales of those that live there, presents souvenirs of the Venice’s visitors, and silently remarks on the rich history of the city.



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