Wed 05 June 2013

New online in May… to listen to

Over the last few weeks, all kinds of podcasts have arrived online. The deluge of new stories continues relentlessly; expect a string of new additions in the coming months!

Peter Terrin’s gripping citybook about Turnhout, The Truth of the Matter, is now ready for listening to in both English and French. English-language podcasts of the following titles are now available online: Adrian Schiop's Travesty (citybooks Bucharest), Lasha Bugadze’s Three in the City (citybooks Turnhout) and Răzvan Radulescu’s Me, In the Centre (citybooks Bucharest).

The first Italian-language podcast from Venice recently appeared online, too: the translation of Rebekka de Wit’s As Venice is Now (citybooks Venice).

You can now also hear the citybook by Bouke Billiet, Palm Leaves and Promises, in Indonesian: Daun Lontar dan Kebenaran.


I couldn’t stop taking photos. I stood right next to Jesus. Jesus and I are approximately the same size.’ (From: The Truth of the Matter, by Peter Terrin)


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