Fri 05 April 2013

New online in March... to listen to

After the rush of new audiobooks in January and February, March saw us take to the studio once again to record fresh material. So expect another bombardment of literature in April and May! What we can already offer our esteemed listeners: two citybooks in poetry form.

erik lindner © gezett.deErik Lindner’s ten poems about Charleroi are read to you beautifully by Simon Shrimpton-Smith. Travel with us to Charleroi and look at ‘the buses, the chip stalls, the karaoke bars, the periphery, the patrolling police, wooden balcony railings, les traiteurs chinois, the road works, the renovations, the boarded-up windows, …’


Now that the Albanian translation has arrived, you can listen to the prose poem Homes without Frames by Nikola Madzirov in no fewer than five languages.


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