Tue 30 July 2013

New online in June & July… to listen to

Practice your Italian with the citybooks audiobooks about Venice. You can also listen to the Venetian citybooks in French; just like Anna Luyten’s citybook about Bucharest. Since June, Annelies Verbeke’s Woonplaats has been available online to listen to in the original Dutch version. Freshly translated Dutch versions of citybooks about Semarang have also just arrived online from Indonesia, and all five of the stories about this city are now online to listen to in both Indonesian and Dutch.


New podcasts

candra dewi dian puspitasariThe past is very present in the citybooks on Semarang. The main character in Bouke Billiets Palm leaves and promises starts her career as a history teacher. Gustaaf Peek traces his the history of his own familiy in 9 Letters to Maria M.. Golden Child by Candra Dewi Dian Puspitasari (photo) is set in Semarang in the 1930s. Tubagus P. Svarajati shows the history of the city through the life story of Lee Wha. Triyanto Triwikromo wrote a series of poems titled Little Stories of Pre- to Post-Colonial Semarang.


lydia mischkulnig The five citybooks on Venice are online in Italian. The podcasts Venezia 2012 by Cees Nooteboom and La morte sale dal basso by Atte Jongstra are read by a real Venetian! Luc Devoldere read for the Italian recording of Pearl Without a Shell himself.  Lydia Mischkulnigs (foto) citybook Curiosità alla veneziana can not only be listened to in Italian, French and Dutch but also in German, and soon in English too.


anna luytenIn Bucharest, Anna Luyten follows The Ways of the Ant, and discovers how getting into a stranger’s Dacia reveals the Romanian capital’s history in a whole new light.  ‘I never heard any more from that woman.’ ‘Didn’t you ever Google her?’ ‘I don’t Google women that I’ve loved.’


Annelies Verbeke © Keke KeukelaarAnnelies Verbeke went in search of a side of her home town she didn’t yet know, and wrote Home Town. The Dutch podcast, read by the auther herself, is now online. The English translation is coming soon!



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