Wed 06 February 2013

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New online in English translation: discover Venice through the eyes of Atte Jongstra and Luc Devoldere and Turnhout through those of Peter Terrin and Lasha Bugadze. Terrin and Devoldere are also available to read in Dutch and French. The original German-language citybook Neugier venezianisch by Lydia Mischkulnig (photo) is now also online, brand-new.


…to read

lasha bugadzeThe citybook სამნი ქალაქში by Lasha Bugadze about Turnhout is online in the original Georgian version and in the English translation Three in the city.



luc devoldere © auteurIn his citybook about Venice, Luc Devoldere takes us on a journey from 537 to 2012, to the city and the lagoon, to Byran and Occupy Beach. In short, to the Pearl Without a Shell. “There is no time to lose. Not for us, nor for this city. Eventually we all, and Venice too, will lose the fight. But not just yet. So let us continue to journey to this city.” Online in Dutch, English and French


atte jongstraAtte Jongstra takes a tour of Venice in the hands of the spirited dwarf Dr. Gustav Joseph, the author-at-work of a reference book on holiday destinations for travellers suffering from respiratory problems. But is he in the right place? Because Death Comes Up From Below… ‘Infernal scenes at the markets and piazzas! Venice of Italy! City of industriousness, of the gondoliers with their long poles.’  Online in Dutch, English and French


Peter Terrin AKO literatuurprijsThe citybook The Facts of the Case by Peter Terrin is a crime story in the form of letters. The English and French translations are online now and the podcasts will follow shortly. ‘The most exciting thing I encountered last night in the city was the poster for the new Batman film.’


lydia mischkulnig © margit marnulThe original German-language citybook Neugier venezianisch by Lydia Mischkulnig is now also online, brand-new. The translations into English, Dutch, French and Italian are coming soon!



… and to look at

© Pieter-Jan De PueIn 2012, photograph Pieter-Jan De Pue travelled to Yerevan for citybooks. He fixed the Armenian capital in a series of 24 photos, and also made 3 impressive panoramas. One of his photographs adorns the cover of our spring programme! Previously for deBuren, De Pue made the report Iran on the Border about daily life in Iran. His travel report about Afghanistan was also exhibited by deBuren.

Watch the photos from Yerevan here...

© Pieter-Jan De Pue
© Pieter-Jan De Pue







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