Wed 02 October 2013

New online in August and September… to read

Discover Stellenbosch through the lively poems of Arjen Duinker. His Parrots and Other Birds is now online in Dutch, English, French and Afrikaans, just like Saskia de Costers’s Wildebeest, a story inspired by the same South African city. Following the publication in DW B, the citybook Three in the City by Georgian author Lasha Bugadze is now also available at to read and listen to in Dutch. The French translation is also online. And last but not least: you can now read Home Town by Annelies Verbeke in every language, and download it as an eBook, too.


New online... to read

arjen duinker © Jacqueline KosterArjen Duinker spent his citybooks residency in the South African city of Stellenbosch and wrote about his experiences there in 6 poems: Parrots and Other Birds. 'I asked: what’s your favourite street corner in Stellenbosch? /
 I don’t have one, she said, I have a favourite lover, / A favourite temperature, a favourite time of day.' Online in Dutch, English and French.




saskia de coster © MHThe protagonist of Saskia de Costers’s Wildebeest lives two half-lives in Stellenbosch. 'My mother says that these days you have to get divorced to keep up with the Joneses'. Online in Dutch, English and French.



lasha bugadze © MHLasha Bugadze can’t help but wonder where Turnhout’s residents have gotten to; the city resembles an eerily empty theatre set. Thus, it’s up to the writer to fill that set with the drama of two busy-bee Georgians rent from their natural habitats. This doesn’t go altogether according to plan: 'But no, no, I’m not writing about them… '
Previously, Three in the City appeared in DW B; now the text is online in all languages.


annelies verbeke © Keke Keukelaar

Annelies Verbeke searches for a citybook story in her Home Town Ghent. But it’s not easy. ‘Or perhaps she can. Perhaps she can pretend to be someone else, someone from elsewhere who has never been here before. Perhaps it’s just a question of belief.’





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