Wed 08 May 2013

New online in April … to read

In April, the brand new and very first citybook about Ghent came online: Annelies Verbeke went in search of a side of her home town she didn’t yet know, and wrote Woonplaats (Place of Residence). The Dutch translations of the Armenian citybooks by Georg Gilantz and Armen Ohanyan have also been online since April.

In his citybook, Gevorg Gilantz asks himself – amongst other things – why not All Roads Lead To Yerevan, as in the case of Rome, but rather in the opposite direction.


In the citybook by Armen Ohanyan, Yerevan seems itself to speak: Ohanyan sketches the city through the sounds of a broadcast through the ether: Radio Yerevan!


Annelies Verbeke discovered her hometown Ghent afresh when she bumped into a confused man in her apartment hallway and offered him a place on her couch for the night… Read Woonplaats here.


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