Thu 28 June 2012

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As ever, a whole host of new citybooks have been published online, from writers like Arnon Grunberg, Chika Unigwe, Bart Van Loo, Goce Smilevski, Anna Luyten, Mauro Pawlowski, Andrzej Stasiuk, Witold Szablowski and Adrian Schiop. The podcast recordings are in full swing!

New citybooks:

Bart van Loo © Koen Broos In The Veil of Time, and with his leg in a cast, Bart Van Loo braves the winding streets of Chartres. He composes spontaneous shuttle bus poems and plaster cast haikus, and reflects on poule au pot, all while a colourful collection of historical figures from the city’s rich past march on by.

Goce Smilevski As a child, Goce Smilevski dreamed about Chartres: read The Cathedral and the Circus to find out if the real Chartres lives up to his fantastic expectations.


Chika UnigweChika Unigwe writes in Heart of Darkness about ‘Conrad the Latecomer’: a virtuoso fantasist who sends postcards from Turnhout to his childhood friend, left behind in Nigeria.

anna luyten In Bucharest, Anna Luyten follows The Ways of the Ant, and discovers how getting into a stranger’s Dacia reveals the Romanian capital’s history in a whole new light.



adrian schiopAdrian Schiop's citybook Travesty whisks you away on a musical tour through Bucharest’s nightlife, in which the Romany sounds of manele take the leading role: ‘Rip, rip off my jacket / Rip my shirt off too / See how my heart’s beating for you’. While the Dutch translation will be published this Autumn in DW B, the original Romanian text and the French and English translations are already online.


arnon grunberg © Eva Pel Arnon Grunberg wrote A Reported Offence in Lublin, in which the unforgettable main character Danuta Kalinowska lodges a complaint about an oh-so-friendly author from The Netherlands: ‘He said he had always thought that he liked hotels, but that now he knew that he was in search of warmth, human warmth. And he claimed that Polish warmth is the real human warmth. He talked about filthy, human love, but you and I know that there is nothing filthy about human love.’

mauro pawlowskiMauro Pawlowski saw a different Lublin. Dragged along by a band of locals, he remembers his first visit to Poland. Na Zdrowie, brave Belg! will be published in English, French and Polish translation soon.


witold szablowksi Also:
in Polish, French and English:
Witold Szablowski
All the Gateways of Lublin

Andrzej Stasiukand Andrzej Stasiuk's citybook Lublin is publishid in Polish and French,  the English and Dutch translation are on their way.



New podcast:

Ester Naomi Perquin © maatje van eckEster Naomi Perquin, citybooks Bucharest
A One-Person Travel Pack - read by Emma Brown.




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