Thu 28 November 2013

New online… to read in October and November

Wim Brands © auteurYou can now also discover Ghent in the footsteps of Dutch poet and journalist Wim Brands, presenter of the television programme Boeken (Books) and, for Nederland Radio 1, of Brands met Boeken (Brands with Books). ‘Ghent is a city of clouds’, he writes in De fanfare die een olifant opat(The Brass Band that Ate an Elephant), though you’d be well advised to walk its streets with your head held low... ‘Actually, Ghent – as small as it may be – remains a beautiful city to disappear in.’

Brands’ story is now online in Dutch and in the French translation. The citybook is available to listen to as a podcast, too, read by the author himself. The English version is being provided courtesy of a special translation project in Sheffield. Read more about the translation project...


Annelies Verbeke © Keke KeukelaarAnnelies Verbeke has also written about the city of Van Arteveld. The French-language version of her citybook Home Town is hot off the press, and now online to read alongside the original Dutch version and the English translation. ‘When travelling, the author often meets people who do not know Ghent. Those who do know Ghent react with equanimity, nostalgia, envy or approval on learning that Ghent is the author’s hometown. No one seems to dislike the place.




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