Thu 28 November 2013

New online… to listen to in October and November

arjen duinker © jacqueline KosterDid you know that every citybook author reads his or her own city portrait to you personally? Go on a listening date with Saskia de Coster or Johan de Boose, take a stroll through Ghent with Wim Brands, or let Arjen Duinker’s poems whisk you away to Stellenbosch.

Johan de Boose © auteur‘…Ero steered his bus adroitly over the flagstones, beeping and waving to bartenders, road sweepers and nymphs in high heels, all of whom he loved with a heart as big as the whole of Cilicia, just as he loved Yerevan, the oldest city on earth…’ (From: Let Me Carry Your Pain by Johan de Boose).

lydia mischkulnig © Margit MarnulThe translations are read by voice actors. Recent additions to the collection include the French-language audio books about Turnhout by Chika Unigwe and about Venice by Rebekka de Wit. The English translation of Lydia Mischkulnig’s Curiosity ‘alla veneziana’ is now also online to listen to and download.



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