Thu 28 June 2012

New City One Minutes online: Sheffield, Graz and Skopje

Alongside the 24 photos, there are 24 one-minute videos made in each citybook location, designed to show the host city in a totally new way. We're happy to present the video's from Sheffield, Graz and Skopje.

The On Minutes in Sheffield are filmed by Dominic Greene. In Skopje Borjana Mojsovska and Frosina Stojkovska worked together. In Graz several video artists contributed one minute films: Martina Mezak/Josip Zanki (HR), Klaus Pamminger (A), franck H perrot (F), Lotte Schreiber (A), Lea Titz (A), XXkunstkabel (A). Gerhard Nierhaus composed a soundtrack for the 24 videos.

The City One Minutes of Lublin by Piotr Milkowski will be online soon. In September, Arpe Hacopian & Nare Hovhannisyan, two young Armenian filmmakers, will travel to Turnhout to film 24 one minute films. In their suitcases: the films that they made for citybooks Yerevan.

All the City One Minutes are available at










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