Mon 22 September 2014

Loving Ghent

Following Annelies Verbeke and Wim Brands, the Spanish historian Ángeles Caso too has found inspiration in Ghent. The author spent two weeks in Ghent at the end of May at the invitation of deBuren and STAM. Her story, Una canción de amor para gante, was translated into Dutch by Marijke Arijs, into English by Jethro Soutar and into French by the author herself.

A Love Song for Ghent is just what the title promises: a heart-on-sleeve declaration of love for the Artevelde City. While many Belgians try to leave their cold country as often as possible for the terraces and beaches of Spain, Caso prefers to do the opposite. Of course: for an art historian, Ghent is a true paradise, but Caso’s conviction goes further than that, as you’ll find out in this literary laudation.

Have you already read or listened to the other two citybooks about Ghent? In Home Town Annelies Verbeke tries to see the city she has lived in for years through the eyes of a first-time visitor. In The Brass Band that Ate an Elephant, Wim Brands follows in the footsteps of an illustrious poet who once suddenly appeared in Ghent, only to vanish and then pop up elsewhere in the city.

karl schlögel © auteurMoreover, autumn will see historian Karl Schlögel residing in Ghent to write a citybook. The young photographer Sanne De Wilde will head out this autumn with her camera to make a series of 24 photos.


photo Ángeles Caso © Ricardo Martin


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