Mon 27 February 2012

Listen to Joost Zwagerman audiobook for citybooks Sheffield

Joost Zwagerman © Peter BoerYet again, there is lots of new content to discover at Dutch author Joost Zwagerman has recorded his citybook Vallei flies high, or: Satori in Sheffield, and it can now be heard and downloaded in three languages: Dutch, English and French. Of course, Zwagerman’s citybook can also be read and downloaded as a webtext and e-book.

What’s more, there is a whole range of newly translated citybooks available to read and download, including texts by Simone Lenaerts, Thomas Gunzig, Caroline Lamarche, Goce Smilevski, Werner Schandor and Jeroen van Rooij.

Belgian author Simone Lenaerts wrote a text about Graz, in which she came face-to-face with ghosts of the past. This citybook is now online in the vernacular Austrian German, titled Wie ein Wimpernschlag. The series of poems by Onno Kosters about Graz are also available in German, and free for download as Schwerkraft und Gegengewicht. In the meantime, English translations of citybooks by Austrian writers Werner Schandor (Freedom of the Heart), Andrea Stift (I do not live here) and Milena Michiko Flašar (Farewell), also arrived at, fresh from Graz.

In other news, Howard Curtis brilliantly translated the black humour of Thomas Gunzig’s citybook about Charleroi into English in The Reservation. The English versions of the citybook by Caroline Lamarche about her days in ‘the Black Country’ of Charleroi and Jeroen van Rooij’s text about Chartres, Labyrinths, are now both online, too.

And, while you could already discover Nikola Madzirov’s poems and the texts of Goce Smilevski and the young writer Irena Cvetkovic in Macedonian and Albanian, these citybooks about Skopje are now also available in English. The translations into Dutch and French are well underway.

Finally, a tip for music lovers: Adrian Schiop has written a citybook about Bucharest, Travesti, and although this text is currently only available in the original Romanian, there is a world of Romanian music to be discovered through the links in the webtext!


Photo: Joost Zwagerman © Peter Boer



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