Wed 31 July 2013

Listen to citybooks on the radio

VPROIn August, the Dutch corporation VPRO will broadcast twenty citybooks as part of the radio programme De Avonden (The Evenings). Every night over two weeks you’ll hear two city portraits, read out to you by the authors themselves.

The first broadcast is on the 5th of August and features citybooks by Abdelkader Benali and Joost Zwagerman. Curious to find out whom else you can hear on the evening airwaves this summer? This is the programming schedule:


  • Monday 5 August: Abdelkader Benali (Sheffield) & Joost Zwagerman (Sheffield)
  • Tuesday 6 August: Onno Kosters (Utrecht) & Maxim Februari (Turnhout)
  • Wednesday 7 August: Saskia de Coster (Skopje) & Arnon Grunberg (Lublin)
  • Thursday 8 August: Atte Jongstra (Venice) & Cees Nooteboom (Venice)
  • Friday 9 August: Frank Westerman (Tbilisi) & Stefan Hertmans (Tbilisi)
  • Monday 12 August: Gustaaf Peek (Semarang) & Mauro Pawlowski (Lublin)
  • Tuesday 13 augustus: Peter Terrin (Turnhout) & Annelies Verbeke (Ghent)
  • Wednesday 14 August: Abdelkader Benali (Skopje) & Ester Naomi Perquin (Bucharest)
  • Thursday 15 August: Peter Holvoet-Hanssen (Ostend) & Christiaan Weijts (Ostend)
  • Friday 16 August: Ronelda Kamfer (Grahamstown) & Serge van Duijnhoven (Yerevan)



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