Mon 22 September 2014

Lisbon – going strong

© maria fialhoFour authors have already written their citybooks about Lisbon: Dulce Maria Cardoso, Patrícia Portela, Sus Van Elzen and J.M. Vieira Mendes. There’s a steady flow of translations and podcasts arriving online. This autumn, the British (Sheffield-native!) theatre maker and artist Tim Etchells – this year’s artist-in-residence at our partner organisation Alkantara – will also write a citybook about this city.


dulce maria cardoso © bruno simaoIn They’re All Love Stories by Dulce Maria Cardoso, we follow a street dog named Jinja through a story in which a Greek myth and a female writer play important roles. The Dutch translation, by Harrie Lemmens, will be published in the literary magazine DW B.

patricia portelaIn The April Gentleman, Patrícia Portela sketches the relationship between a girl and her grandfather through a series of fragments threaded together by the city itself.


sus van elzenIn Sus Van Elzen’s A Great Sense of Nostalgia, an old man wanders through a Lisbon that he no longer recognises from his youth. An unexpected meeting offers consolation.


j.m. Vieira MendesIn The Street, J.M. Vieira Mendes writes about the road he lives on as he remembers it – a time when shacks still lined it, and palm trees shot from the ground and signalled democratisation – and as it is now: how the street has grown as he did, and no longer belongs only to him, now that he walks there with his son.



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