Mon 22 September 2014

Jakarta online in four languages

© amran malik hakimDiscover Jakarta through the eyes of three locals and two authors who are first-timers in Indonesia. Read & listen to the citybooks by Ruth San A Jong, Annelies Verbeke, Veronica B. Vonny, Sihar Ramses Simatupang and Akidah Gauzillah. The final translations are currently being perfected, and a Dutch-Indonesian language book publication is being prepared, including a foreword by Bas Heijne and by Julia Suryakusuma about shared cultural heritage.

ruth san a jong © henry carbiere fallsIn What Am I Doing Here? by Ruth San A Jong, an old man travels from Suriname to Jakarta, where he was born, but is overwhelmed by the capital.


annelies verbeke © keke keukelaerAnnelies Verbeke takes a ride on the back of Soni’s scooter in Angels in Jakarta, and discovers a whole new world.


veronica b. vonnyIn The Final Ending, Veronica B. Vonny writes the tale of a historian who becomes scarily and deeply involved in a historical murder.


sihar ramses simatupangSihar Ramses Simatupang tells a woman’s life story from three different perspectives in The One Left Behind in Batavia, 1920.


akidah gauzillahIn Rendezvous by Akidah Gauzillah (photo), protagonist Ales contemplates his own love life and a centuries-old love affair while Jakarta’s daily goings-on come alive in the megacity around him.

In December, a special event will take place in Jakarta to mark the presentation of the book publication, at which the 24 citybooks photos by Amran Malik Hakim will be exhibited alongside a photo from every other citybooks city.


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