Tue 29 May 2012

International citybooks events and writers in the spotlights

The artists that take part in citybooks attract interest internationally. In a whole host of various European cities, they speak about their work, exhibit their photos and screen their videos. In the coming months you’ll encounter citybooks in, amongst others, Graz, Lublin, London, Turnhout, Antwerp and Brussels!


  • Graz: On 11th of May, the Graz citybooks were festively presented in the city’s DesignHalle, alongside a photo exhibition, book presentation, the launch of the City One Minutes, as well as a special performance. (Read more…)

  • arnon grunberg © Eva PelLublin: Our partner organization, TEK, translated into English and French a number of interviews with the citybooks authors in Lublin. Read the interviews with Arnon Grunberg, Witold Szablowski and Andrzej Stasiuk.

  • Nikola MadzirovPoet Nikola Madzirov (citybooks Skopje) was selected from 6,000 poets to represent Macedonia at Poetry Parnassus, the biggest poetry festival in the world, hosted in London. (Read more…)

  • Goce SmilevskiAuthor Goce Smilevski’s (citybooks Skopje and Chartres) De zus van Freud, the Dutch translation of his renowned novel Sigmund Freud's Sister, recently appeared in print. Following its publication, he’ll feature as a guest at Passa Porta for an interview with Anna Luyten (citybooks Bucharest). (Read more…)

  • On the 14th and 15th of June, the Felix Poetry Festival will take place in Antwerp. Guests include Bernard Dewulf (citybooks Ostend), Caroline Lamarche (citybooks Charleroi) and Ronelda S. Kamfer (citybooks Grahamstown). (Read more…)

  • Marjolijn Februari, Peter Terrin and Lasha Bugadze will undertake residencies in Turnhout towards the end of the summer. Keep an eye on the website to see how and where you might meet these authors in due course!




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