Tue 17 January 2012

Huis van de Poëzie : a live poetry-anthology you can walk through

huis van de poezieThursday the 26th of January is a day dedicated to poetry here in the Low Countries. In Utrecht the sixth edition of ‘Huis van de Poëzie' (House of Poetry) will take place. One can discover poetry in every corner of the Centraal Museum during this unique ‘live poetry-anthology that you can walk through!’

citybooks will also be present again this year, reminding you that a citybook can of course be a story or an essay, but can also be a piece of poetry. Last year the first edition of citybooks Utrecht was presented to erik lindner © Gezett.demayor Aleid Wolfsen. This year two Dutch poets who have recently returned from their residencies will be presenting their brand new citybooks.

deBuren has a citybooksroom on the first floor of the House of Poetry, where at 20:30 Erik Lindner will present the ten poems he wrote in Charleroi, the industrial city in the south of Belgium. At 22:00 Ester Naomi Perquin Ester Naomi Perquin © maatje van eckwill read from her citybook about the Romanian capital Bucharest, adding some literary travel-advice to give to the audience.

One will not only be able to hear the citybooks be read out loud, but you will also be able to see citybooks images. Photo’s by Sander Buyck (Charleroi) and Christian Binder (Bucharest) will be on display. Of course, the citybooks about Utrecht from Astrid Lampe and Onno Kosters are still available as free audiobooks, e-books and texts in English, Dutch and French.


For more information about the wide range of activities during this festive evening check out www.huisvandepoezie.nl.


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