Wed 23 May 2012

First large-scale group exhibition of citybooks photographers in De Markten (Brussels)

+ Literary evenings with Mauro Pawlowski, Johan de Boose and Arnon Grunberg

On Thursday 24th of May at 19:00, the doors of the first large-scale citybooks photo exhibition swung open in De Markten in Brussels. As part of the Summer of Photography, deBuren andDe Markten take you on a journey through Europe, visiting cities like Bucharest, Charleroi, Graz, Lublin, Ostend, Sheffield, Skopje, Tbilisi and Utrecht. In each city, a different artist has taken to the streets to make a portrait of the city in 24 photos. With work from Christian Binder, David Bocking, Sander Buyck, Filip Berte, Lisa Van Damme, Martijn van de Griendt, Kakha Kakhiani, Maciej Rukasz, Frosina Stojkovskaand Lea Titz.

The exhibition will be opened on the 24th of May at 19:00, in the company of citybooks photographers (including Martijn van de Griendt, Lisa Van Damme and Lea Titz), as well as citybooks authors.

Opening hours:

25.05.2012 - 11.07.2012
Tue > Sun 12:00 > 18:00

And true enough, no citybooks exhibition would be complete without literature. And with this in mind, deBuren is also organising a number of literary evenings at De Markten, with writers from right across Europe. Below you will find an overview of the activities during the exhibition period.

© TV Brussel 31.05.2012

© Ronald Giebel


The exhibition will take place in the context of the Summer of Photography 2012, a BOZAR initiative. To keep up to date with all of the exciting events of this summer’s festival, you can like the Facebook page here.

© Maciej Rukasz



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