Thu 17 May 2018

Expo | drawings of Haarlem by Ulli Lust

Austrian cartoonist Ulli Lust resided in the city of Haarlem for two weeks In Februari 2018, to create a citybook about this Dutch city. The result is Lucky City, a city portrait in 20 drawings. The series will be exhibited in the Haarlem Town Hall during the Comics Festival Stripdagen Haarlem from 25 May until 3 June.

© Ulli Lust
From: Lucky City © Ulli Lust

Haarlem through the eyes of Ulli Lust

Ulli Lust, renowned for her graphic novels such as Today is the Last Day of the Rest of Your Life, explored Haarlem for citybooks in February 2018. Inspired by her stay, she drew the series Lucky City, in which a flooded Haarlem is portrayed. The artist was triggered by the optimism of the Dutch, who've been living their everyday lives for centuries under the constant threat of water.

The exhibition takes places during the comics festival  Stripdagen Haarlem 2018.

© Ulli Lust
From: Lucky City © Ulli Lust


At the same location an expo with works by the Belgian artist Frans Masereel can be visited. A century ago, in 1918,  he published Die Passion eines Menschen, a series of 25 wood cuts, considered as one of the first wordless graphic novels.



Practical information:

Stripdagen Haarlem: 25.05 > 03.06.2018

Ulli Lust – citybooks Haarlem / Frans Masereel – 100 jaar Die Passion eines Menschen
Location: Kloostergangen of the Town Hall, Grote Markt, Haarlem
Sa/Su: 10:00 > 17:00  - Mo > Fri 9:00 > 17:00
Free entrance

Finissage: Sunday 3 June. The artist will be present.




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