Tue 07 May 2013

Exhibition-Related Events: The Pop-Up City live

On May 21st, the trendsetting international blog popupcity.net will set down at the citybooks exhibition.

‘The city’ is alive. New initiatives spring through the ground all around, like mushrooms. The blog popupcity.net addresses the city in a broad and expansive way, considering culture and art alongside trends and architecture … On May 21st, Jeroen Beekmans and Joop de Boer, organisers of the famous PechaKucha Nights in Amsterdam, will whisk you through a multitude of ideas, stories and trends that lend colour not only to the city of today, but tomorrow’s city too. Inspired by citybooks, the evening promises to be something extraordinary, with digital excursions through the city, spoken-word blog posts, short opinion pieces and audiovisual refreshments. In short: an evening about the city like no other you’ve ever experienced.



  • 21.05.2013 - 20:30
    Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond
    Nes 45, 1012 KD Amsterdam
    Tickets : 8 € / online 6 € - reservations via www.brakkegrond.nl



  • The Very Best of The Pop-Up
    A carefully curated selection of the latest urban innovations sourced from the international blogosphere, and presented by The Pop-Up Citizens.
  • Ready Steady Cook with Wild Urban Veggies
    A live cooking show with Amsterdam-based ‘sidewalk farmers’.
  • Talk with Amsterdam's Community Bloggers
    What can community blogs do to the city? We’ll have an informal discussion with the three main community bloggers in Amsterdam, Ilovenoord, Boloboost and Nice Nieuw-West. What’s their mission and why are they so successful? How do they use their blog as a city-making instrument?
  • Funky Tunes by The Deer Friends
    The Deer Friends is a Belgian band consisting of three ambitious young men. They’ll take care of a musical intermezzo during The Pop-Up City Live.
  • A psychogeographic Tour of Venice
    Psychogeography is the art of wandering around. Experience Venice as you never have before. We’re not doing the tourist tour, but take a whole different angle on Venice with photographer Andrea Galiazzo.
  • Saskia de Coster's Adventures in Skopje
    Flemisch author Saska de Coster spent two weeks in Macedonia’s capital Skopje for the occasion of the Citybooks project. At The Pop-Up City Live she’ll share her adventures with the audience.
  • Community Currencies
    One of our trends for 2013 was the emergence of urban community currencies. Qoin is a company that creates and implements alternative currencies. Journalist and Nieuwezijds Magazine founder Liedewij Loorbach interviews the Qoin people live on stage.
  • Brussels Express
    Sander Vandenbroucke made Brussels Express, a short documentary about the very first bike messenger in Brussels, Europe’s most congested city.



Organization: deBuren and de Brakke Grond in cooperation with The Pop-Up City


deBuren de Brakke Grond


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