Wed 23 February 2011

deBuren receives € 200.000,- from Europe for citybooks

The culture programme (2007-2013) of the European Commission has granted the Flemish-Dutch House deBuren € 200.000,- for the project citybooks. citybooks is the successor of the successful Radio Books. Together with European partners, deBuren invites authors, photographers and video artists for a residence in an interesting, less evident city. They translate their intimate encounter with this European city in unique city portraits. Stories, photographs and video’s find each other in a multimedia environment on

Successor of the Radio Books
Following the success of the Radio Books, which were downloaded or streamed a million times for free via, deBuren presents a large, predominantly literary project: citybooks. Abdelkader Benali, Bernard Dewulf, Milena Michiko Flašar, Stefan Hertmans, Simone Lenaerts, Frank Westerman, Joost Zwagerman and many others write citybooks.

European project  
citybooks focuses on cities that are not evident but nonetheless interesting. In the early stages of this project deBuren made city portraits of Ostend, Grahamstown and Utrecht. With the support of the European Commission, the project is getting European wings as well: starting in the Summer of 2011 we present new stories, poems, photographs and video’s together with partners in Charleroi, Chartres, Graz, Lublin, Sheffield and Skopje. Our aim is to build a sustainable network of ‘United Cities of Europe’, where European citizens can actively discover their (city)culture.

Multimedia, multilingual
A photographer, a video artist and five Flemish, Dutch and local authors will take up a residence in every city. The photographer makes 24 photographs, the video artist makes 24 video’s (City One Minutes) and the authors write a citybook: a story or series of poems in which the city takes a central role. These citybooks are available for free as web text, podcast and e-book in Dutch, French, English and in the local language of the city.

Director Dorian van der Brempt: “citybooks is an invitation to travel without moving. You pick the place and the time when you want to read or listen to the city. To grow more fond of Europe, we must get to know its cities better. deBuren hopes that the acquaintance with interesting but sometimes unfamiliar European cities can contribute to the developing European identity.”


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