Wed 28 March 2012

deBuren congratulates Jan H. Mysjkin

The Elly Jaffé Prize, a triennial oeuvre prize for literary translations from French, was awarded this year to Jan H. Mysjkin. He received the award for the complete translation of Alexandre Dumas’ The Count of Montecristo into Dutch. A sum of €40,000 accompanies the prize, making it one of the biggest literary awards in The Netherlands. In the jury’s words, Mysjkin brings the nineteenth-century text to life ‘in an astonishingly graceful and elegant manner’. The book was published in 2010, by the publishers L. J. Veen.

Poet and translator Mysjkin has translated poetry by Ester Naomi Perquin, Ruth Lasters and Lieke Marsman for deBuren, all in the context of the Liegend Konijn Debut Prize. Recently, he translated Romanian author Adrian Schiop’s citybook Travesti into French, in collaboration with Doina Ioanid. Ioanid’s Dutch translation of Overgangsgedichten has also just appeared in print, of which Mysjkin translated the cycle ‘Interval’.


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