Tue 25 July 2017

citybooks Ypres: Dermot Bolger commemorates poet and soldier Francis Ledwidge

DermotBolgerThe Irish writer, poet and playwright Dermot Bolger will take up residency in Ypres this summer. He is the fifth guest author and his contribution to the project will complete citybooks Ypres.

Before Bolger, authors Maïssa Bey, Kees 't Hart, Catherine Vuylsteke and poet Ghayath Almadhoun each spent two weeks in Ypres. Their citybooks can already be read, listened to and downloaded here . The citybook that Bolger will write, inspired by his stay in Ypres, will be published later this year as web text, e-book and audio book.



Bolger's citybooks residency coincides with the centennial commemoration of the death of Francis Ledwidge. This Irish poet and soldier fell at the front during the Third Battle of Ypres. On 31 July 2017, Bolger will deliver an address during the official commemoration at the Francis Ledwidge Monument in Ypres, in the presence of, amongst others, the Irish Ambassador to Belgium and the EU.

It is no coincidence that Bolger was invited for the commemoration. He edited the collection Selected Poems of Francis Ledwidge in 1992, which led to the creation of the Ledwige Monument in Ypres in 1998. In 2007 he wrote Walking the Road, a play based on the life of Ledwidge. That same year he edited a new collection of selected works by the poet, The Ledwige Treasury, with an introduction by Seamus Heaney. Click here to read In search of Ledwige, an article by Bolger on Francis Ledwidge.

31 July 1998, unveiling of the memorial for Francis Ledwidge at the place where he died in 1917. From left to right: Dermot Bolger, Luc Dehaene (mayor of Ypres) and Joe Ledwidge.



The commemoration of the death of Francis Ledwidge takes place on Monday 31 July 2017, starting at 18:30.
Artillery Wood Cemetery, Poezelstraat, 8904 Boezinge (Ypres).



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